GENTER: Signature of Egnatia Road Concession Convention and 3 vertical roads

As stated in its communication: GEKTERNA GA / RIC: HRMr.AT announces that it signed today, as the original shareholder and member of the company “NEA EGNATIA ROUTE ADMITMENT OF ANNOUNCEMENT COMPANY”, the concession agreement regarding the right to finance, operate, maintain and operate the Egnatia Highway, as well as the three (3) vertical roads to it, for a period of 35 years, with counterparties to the Greek State and the Private Property Development Fund of the State (TAIPEDA S.A.). The company under the name ‘NEA EGNATIA ROUTE ADJUSTMENT ANNOUNCEMENT COMPANY’ (the Concessionaire), which was established for the purposes of the concession contract between GEC TERNA S.A.S. (75%) and EGIS PROJECTS S.A.S. (25%), through the contract takes over: A. the right to finance, operate, maintenance and operation: the Egnatia Road motorway, which is part of the trans-European “central road network” (Trans-European “core road network”) has already been constructed and is in operation, 658 km long, extending from Igoumenitsa to the Regional Unit of Thesprotia (northwest coast of Greece) to the Gardens in the Regional Unit of Evros (at the border station with Turkey), as to which the Consortium undertakes in addition to the Upgrade obligation. Halastra – 60 km long Evzones, which is part of the trans-European “central road network” (trans-European “core road network”), with three (3) uneven nodes, beyond the node with Egnatia Road, which connects Greece to P.G. D.M. at the Evzon border station, in relation to which, among other things, the concessionaire undertakes additional upgrading of the Katthenons route. of the Thessaloniki-Serres-Promaton road, 95.5 km long, which is part of the trans-European “central road network” (Trans-European “core road network”), with seventeen (17) uneven nodes, beyond the junction with Egnatia Road, connects, via Egnatia Road and the P.A.T.E. motorway, western Bulgaria to mainland Greece, including the metropolitan area of Athens and has been constructed, with specifications similar to those of Egnatia Road (with the exception of the road section). Christ – Vineyards, 10,176 km long in relation to which the Concessionaire undertakes additionally to upgrade Cape Values). These areas, together with all property rights, materials and intangibles, related to the Egnatia Road motorway and the above three vertical road routes, B. the right of the Greek State to study, finance and execution in accordance with the conditions laid down in the Contract for the Concession of Services and within the time frame specified therein, the project of upgrading with motorway specifications of the Halastra section – Polycastrostro of the vertical axis Halastra – Euzones and of the department Christ – K.Abelas of the vertical axis Thessaloniki – Serres – Promachonas, with a total length of about 54 km, as described in the Contract for the Grant of Services. The next steps of the process include the ratification of the Contract of Concession by the House, the financial closure of the transaction by paying the price, and following the fulfilment of all contractual surrender-receiving conditions, the commencement of the concession within 2024. The signing of the concession agreement of Egnatia Road marks an extremely positive and multiple significant development, with many benefits for the Group and its shareholders. It strengthens the size and value of GEK TERNA’s portfolio of concessions as well as the production of significant, stable and predictable cash flows on a long-term basis, allowing it to be best exploited in the context of the Group’s strategy. It is recalled that the GEK TERNA Group is the largest investor in concessions and PPP projects, managing more than 1,600 km of major highways (with the addition of Egnatia Road and Attica Road) and emblematic projects corresponding to billions of euros investments, such as the new International Airport of Heraklion Crete, the Integrated Tourism Complex in Greece, the Hersonissos – Neapolis section of the North Road Axis of Crete (BOAK), the Integrated Waste Management in the Regions of Epirus and Peloponnese, etc. Referring to the signing of the Contract of Concession, the Chairman and CEO of the GEK TERNA Group Mr George Peristeris stated: “The prevalence of GEK TERNA in such an iconic international competition demonstrates the consistency with which we have been implementing our business strategy for years, contributing not only to the development of our Group, but to the overall well-being of Greece. By making private investments with a multiplier value for the domestic economy instead of simply undertaking public works, GEK TERNA, through serious and competitive offers that ensure both the interests of the company’s shareholders and particularly satisfactory conditions for the Greek State, contributes to the public funds more than 6 billion euros today (Completed Tourism Complex at the Greek, International Airport of Heraklion Crete, Egnatia Street, Attica Street etc.), doing an investment project of more than 10 billion euros that will create 20,000 new jobs”.