2024 Olympic Games: Request for military and police assistance in 45 countries for the security of the organization

The requested some 45 countries to contribute with thousands of additional men from military, police and political personnel, to help with the security of Paris’ 2024, said today (29/3) government sources. France plans to develop approximately 45,000 same police forces, but also security forces, about 20,000 individuals of private security and about 15,000 soldiers every day to protect the Olympics, with millions of fans and tourists staying in the country for several weeks. Wars in Ukraine and the Middle East, as well as the threat of terrorist attacks forced the French government to raise security alert to the highest level in recent days. “The security framework, particularly in recent weeks, means that there is high alertness regarding the security of these Olympic Games,” said a French military official. It is not unusual to have a foreign police force in international sporting events to help the safety of the large number of foreign visitors, but it is more rare to request military assistance. In the last World Cup of football in Qatar, France provided military support to local authorities in the form of dogs-detectors and staff against drones. According to the French government and a source of the interior ministry, a request was made in January to approximately 45 countries to help strengthen capacity with more than 2,000 people, military and non-military. The request was submitted for assistance in both military and police missions ranging from motor forces, experts to deal with electronic attacks, detection experts and mine neutralisations, experts against drones and detection teams (dogs p. Yesterday (28/3), the Polish Defence Minister announced that his country would send military reinforcements: “Polish armed forces will join the international coalition formed by France to support the preparation and security of the 2024 Summer Olympics,” Vladislav Kosinjak-Kamitz told Social Media. “A special group consisting of our soldiers, including scout dogs, will develop in Paris. Its main objective will be to undertake operations to identify explosives and combat terrorism,” the minister added. Germany said in March it would also contribute. Other European allies, including Great Britain and Italy, will also participate by providing dozens of police officers to help patrol the streets, diplomats said. The French government source said 35 countries have so far responded positively. “This is a classic approach of host countries to organise major international events: this happened during the Rugby World Cup (2023),” said an interior ministry official, adding that 160 members of the European security forces had been involved in the tournament last September. In addition to the broadest demands, Israel and the US will also send their own security forces, sources said. Source: RES-SME