Razon Rodo retired from NBA’s active action

Razon Rodo revealed that he retired from active action in the NBA, with him playing for 16 years in the world’s leading basketball league. Razon Rodo made known to leave the NBA and generally basketball, as the 38-year-old point guard who from 2022 is not on any team, chose to stop from active action. Rodo who last played in April 2022 in the NBA with the Cleveland Cavaliers jersey, last season stayed out of league, with him even not prefering to play for another club outside America. So the 38-year-old point guard, who has won two championships (in 2008 with the Boston Celtics and 2020 with the Los Angeles Lakers) chose to put an end to a very important career. Speaking on the “All The Smoke” podcast Rodo revealed that he now spends more time with his family, which particularly pleases him, while excluding the possibility of returning to the parks. Rajon Rondo official announces his retirement on — Stace (@DSTacey1913) In addition to the Celtics, Lakers, and Cavaliers, he played in Mavericks, Kings, Bulls, Pelicans, Hawks and Clippers.