POS: The connection with cash machines is successfully completed – When fines are activated

They successfully completed their cash machine interconnection with over 255,000 while others have a scheduled appointment to do so by April 30, when it is the deadline. In particular, it is 90% of enterprises that are obliged to connect POS with their cash machines. More specifically, the companies that completed the interconnection exceeded 145,000 , while more than 110,000 businesses have contacted the installation technicians and scheduled the appointment for the interconnection of their systems in the special application of AADE. It is noted that the remaining about 10% of companies concern: seasonal businesses, which have room to connect up to the day of their re-opening operation, businesses that have neither been interconnected to date, but have not made any progress in planning an appointment for the interconnection of their cash machine with POS in April and which are now faced with fines. As early as tomorrow, ADE will proceed to communications, on the basis of the information available, with these undertakings, to determine whether this delay is due to force majeure or negligence, in order to then take the relevant decisions. It is noted that in recent days the rate of interconnections has intensified, as about 5,000 connections are completed daily. At these rates and with the appointments already planned, the project is expected to be completed within the timetable. At the same time, with a view to the proper completion of this iconic project, which is one of the largest digital transition projects of companies, a working group has been set up which is in daily contact with technicians and businesses in order to identify and correct any arrhythmias or problems that may arise in the process. At the same time, account shall be taken of all the concerns and proposals of the professional bodies in order for the project to be carried out smoothly and without other delays. Fines are activated It is recalled that for those undertakings that have not interconnected their systems or have advanced to the appointment planning within April, they are faced with fines if they cannot justify not doing so for reasons of force majeure. In particular , there is a fine of EUR 10,000 , provided they comply with a simplified accounting system and EUR 20,000 for a debtor bibliography. These fines are reduced to half for enterprises established in settlements with a population of up to 500 and islands with a population of up to 3,100 (except tourism). In the event of a recurrence within five years the fines shall be doubled and for each subsequent infringement tripled. Finally, it is recalled that, from 1 April, 35 retail branches are obliged to have POS installed and to accept card transactions. Those who have not done so are now faced with the imposition of a fine of EUR 1,500 per infringement. The AAED will start checks tomorrow.