Saints Anargyros: “39-year-old was hospitalized in psychiatric hospitals,” says perpetrator’s lawyer

The 39-year-old killer of his 28-year-old ex-partner, in the Aghios Anargyros, was hospitalized last year in psychiatric clinics stressed in the Live News show his lawyer, Apostle Lytras. The 39-year-old female murderer in Aghios Anargyros received a deadline to apologize Thursday, while his lawyer, Apostolos Lytras, said that the perpetrator has previously been hospitalized in psychiatric institutions, specifically in Ps.N.A. and Attikon. “He did drugs many years ago and with this girl lived together until March 9th, this is the update I have from his family. I asked the family to find this man’s records from the psychiatric institutions, to see if there really was a problem or not,” the lawyer said.