PPC International Cycling Round Greece 2024 unveiled

The engraving of the routes, the impressive altitudes, the “royal” etap – worthy level of World Tour games, the timer on the beach of Thessaloniki, the starting and finishing cities, the great “volta” in the Athenian Riviera with a wonderful sirkoui, that will unite Acropolis and Panathinaikos Stadium. PPC International Cycling Round Greece 2024 now counts backwards. Only 47 days are left until its start on 15 May, at the beach of Thessaloniki, where the individual timing will take place, 10 km long, with 120 cyclists struggling with a unique opponent a year. There will be the first time differences between the contenders of the general and the first blue jersey will be given to the athlete with the best performance. One day earlier, in the capital of Macedonia, the official presentation of the Round teams will take place at a celebration with the participation of the entire city. On May 15 after the individual timing, we will have the second leg of the first etap (the race route of the athletes), with a massive start and finish after 92.5 km on the beach of Katerini, where we expect a mass sprint, starring the fastest athletes. The next day, in the 2nd etap of a total length of 174.75 km, Peloton will start from Katerini, leave Macedonia behind and make its entry into Thessaly, where passing in order from Elassona, Tyrnavos and Larissa, will end in Karditsa. At the beginning of the route, in the uphill terin, we expect a group of posted athletes to be formed, but the sprinters’ teams will try to control the “out of the way”, aiming for another mass sprint outside the city’s Municipal Stadium. In the 3rd etap, the “royal” of this year’s event, we will have the “mother of battles”! In just 158 km, there are 4.544 altitudes, a number that causes vertigo and admiration together, since similar numbers are found in the respective “royal” etaps of the large rounds of France, Italy and Spain! On the route (started from Karditsa), the athletes will enter Central Greece, meet four climbing sprints (a 1st and three second-class) and reach Tymprestos, pass through Karpenisi, to head to the uphill finish, Velouchi (12 km with an average slope of 8.52% and a maximum of 17.3%), which is the highest point of this year’s Round. In this tag we will have the opportunity to watch a great battle among the favourites of the general, since it is unlikely that the final winner will be judged there. The sure thing is that we will enjoy sight and twists within the unique nature of the region, while the parallel battle for the mountain jersey is expected to culminate. The Round will continue with the 4th etap, the largest in the distance of the race (196,88 km), starting in Sperchiada, intermediate passages from Livadia and Thebes and ending in Chalkida. We’ll probably have another fight between the secondees and the sprinters. In the 5th and final etap (132.5 km), athletes will start under the Holy Rock of the Acropolis and head to the Saronic, passing through the Athenian Riviera, from which they will return to make ten turns in the – length of 6,42 km – sirkoui of the center of the capital, with impressive images of the monuments and landmarks of the city travelling around the world. PPC International Cycling Round Greece 2024 will be completed in front of Panathinaikos Stadium, probably with another mass sprint, while awards will follow the winners of the general and other rankings and scores. 20 teams from all over the world, 120 professional athletes, 5 racing days, 4 jerseys, 764,63 total kilometers, 9,744 m altitude, 15 intermediate straight sprint, 10 sprint ascent, 4 districts, 22 cities and of course the first time that PPC International Cycling Round Greece 2024 unites the country’s two major urban centers, Thessaloniki and Athens, all of this is a guarantee for a successful event at every level! We expect you next to us, watch the race in person, participate in our volunteer program and love even more the sport of cycling, but also the bike itself as a means of movement, exercise and entertainment!