Athena Economakos for negative comments: It bothers them because they live a miserable life that doesn’t get satisfaction

On her couch she sat on Friday (29.03.2024) and granted the presenter an all-matter interview. Athena Economakos, actress, businessman and influencer, was invited to answer the questions of Eleni Menegaki regarding her career, the power of social media and the professional proposals she accepts. “They have demands after. That way they love you and like you a little more. You have the favor of the world. I have realized that the world as much as it needs to see beautiful images, but there are so many people that this alienates them and annoys them because they live an unhappy life that they do not get satisfaction from their everyday lives … So their mirror, that “look how happy Helen Menegaki is while I am living in my everyday life, how unhappy I am, without money, without work, without personal pleasure, without any relationship, without friends…” he said referring to the negative comments she receives in social media. “It is a matter of character, not everyone is like that. There are people who admire this and say “thank you for uploading beautiful images, because I take power from it and take joy from it, seeing these images.” But there are also these people whose misery has caused them to see everything with this look of doubt, jealousy, malice. You can’t avoid these. They exist.”, he added. “The chapter of fear is closed” “In theatre I always feel nervous. I feel like I won a lot last year. The reasons I had interrupted the theater were reasons of a psychological nature and I was very pleased to have made it through and had very nice company. I feel really big profit coming out of it and I’m over it. The chapter of fear is closed in my life,” said the actress. Athena Economakos revealed that this year she wanted to make television, however, she did not have many suggestions. “This year I had decided to do television. I don’t do theater and television together because I want to live. A lot of people didn’t think about television because they thought that because I have business I don’t have to work. I was thinking what to do, go on Instagram and say I want to work?”, he explained. Asked if he would choose to stop the job permanently said: “It’s not my character not to work. I’ve lived alone, with my own money since I was 18, I don’t think it would be right to rely only on my husband. I’ve learned at this rate of life. I don’t have the same tolerances as I used to. But I try to go out 1-2 times a week because it gives me strength for the whole week.”