Catholic bishop compared Navalny to Christ

A Catholic bishop from Germany compared his treatment in the prisons of Russia to his trial before Pontius Pilate, as today (29.03.2024) is the Good Friday of the Passover of Catholics. “When the Russian dissident and militant for freedom and peace, Alexei Navalni, died weeks ago, this exactly came to my mind, the trial of Christ,” said Bishop Franz- Joseph Overbeck in Botrop, north of Essen. “After being arrested in the worst possible way, he was imprisoned, in detention centers, in courtrooms and eventually in an inhuman gulag in the polar cold,” he said. “The rest of the world will see its message of freedom that will remain in eternity,” the bishop said. Navalny, the most famous figure of the Russian opposition, died on February 16 in a prison camp in the Arctic Circle in Siberia. It has not been verified by independent sources whether the 47-year-old died due to his detention conditions or was murdered.