EEAY insured persons will pay up to 3 euros from now for tests at diagnostic centres

The increase in the participation of EEAY insured persons in pharmaceutical spending for them begins in April. New arrangements are included in the draft law “Public health actions – Arrangements to strengthen the National Health System”, which provides that its insured persons will pay the contracted diagnostic centres a price of EUR 1 for clinical laboratory examinations (haematological, biochemical, etc.) and EUR 3 for imaging (axial, magnetic, etc.), charged per referral. Please note that its participation will be zero for anyone who undergoes an examination in public hospitals and structures of the NSO. “We want to reinstate the diagnostic tests in public structures,” he explained a few days ago referring to the measure by the Deputy Minister of Health, Marios Themistocleous and added: “This is because after the pandemic there was a large reduction in diagnostic tests on public structures, which continues and now that the coronavirus is over. We want to restore diagnostic tests to public structures,” he explained. The measure was taken in order to strengthen the clinical centres whose viability is affected by the measure of compulsory clawback refunds, i.e. because of the excessive amounts returned to the State by clinical laboratory doctors, when the underfunded public expenditure for the examinations of insured persons is exceeded. Thus, the EUR 1 and EUR 3 paid by the beneficiaries of care of the EOPY from 1 April for their examinations to the suppliers (private diagnostic centres, polyiatry, etc.), will be paid to the EOPYY and offset by the clawback of diagnostic centres. By Janna Soulaki/Source: