Pigi devetzi: Answers for the first time, for the positive sample for doping

A few days ago in doping control, is found a positive sample of the Source Work by re-audit, which was conducted on a sample that was taken in 2007…
The athlete spoke for the first time on this issue and emphasised categorically that this whole thing is ridiculous.
“I stopped the sport for these reasons. There was no issue. I stopped sports because I grew up and I couldn’t do this anymore. Came out a story without evidence in my hands. I made me sad because it’s a subject I know well what’s going on, I know that I am ok in all of this. The support of the world was incredible and of course, no one believes it because it’s ridiculous. I do sports since I was 4 years, I have done many, many years. I think that there is something that makes you superman. I haven’t read any of the reports. When I have items I’d be happy to do terrible interviews, to tell you all about it”.