PAS Giannina: The Christmas brothers put a salesman on the team.

End of time it seems that we will soon have in him, after the brothers announced their intention to grant the team to anyone interested. Panayiotis and Giannis Christovasilis made an official statement, stressing that their circle was closed to the team, after the death of their father and president of PAS Gianninas, and that they decided to grant FC at the end of the season. The statement by Panayiotis and Giannis Christovassis “When in 2008 we made the decision to engage in PAS Giannina our dream was to create a team that would not be an elevator between the Second and Third Nationals, and would acquire the position it deserves. We formed a team that earned the respect of friends and opponents, and wrote gold football history pages, traveling to the stadiums of Norway and Holland, participating in the league’s playoffs, pursuing the dream of a final Cup, fighting for 14 years in the country’s top division. We are proud of all this. None of the above was easy. It was all the result of hard work, with many obstacles, against forces facing us, promoting personal or other interests. That is why most of the time we marched alone based only on the love of the world of PAS Giannina, knowing that this might lead us to even more difficult situations. Like life, football circles and when a cycle closes, we have to consider what we have experienced, what we have achieved, what we have suffered, what we have not fulfilled, what we have lost and what we have gained. Let’s not hide, the loss of our father, the loss of George Christovassis, the most successful president in the history of the team, made everything even harder. We tried to follow in his footsteps and continue his work, creating a group that would make him and all the Continentals proud. Unfortunately our current score position shows that our efforts did not produce the result we expected. We cannot hide and we must recognize our mistakes. We failed to rally around the group all those forces that as a fist would give us the battle. Now, we find that the many are not there for us and that weighs on us. With absolute respect for what our late father has achieved over the years and with a sense of responsibility towards the world of PAS Giannina and all of Epirus, we promise to continue fighting with all our forces for the team’s stay in the great category. But we think it’s time the club turned a page. So we grant PAS to anyone who asks us to lead him to the next day. We will not stand in the way, facilitating the change of the ownership regime.”