Agios Anargyri – Demoglidou: The 28-year-old did not wish to file a lawsuit – She called 911 and asked for a police car

Explanations of police movements prior to the 28-year-old’s shocking to her 39-year-old ex-partner, the spokesperson for the EL. AS., Constantina Demoglidou. The murder in the Anargyros took place while the girl had denounced the 39-year-old man to the service officer of the police department of the Western Suburbs of Attica. “First of all, a clarifying announcement has been issued by the Greek Police which I think details exactly what happened yesterday, what we can describe in detail because some of them will be the subject of the administrative investigation initiated from the first moment to see if they did do the right actions that the police had to do, but they will also be the subject of the investigation of the prosecutor who has already held all the pre-trial material,” Constantine Demoglidous said initially, speaking today (2.04.2024) on the show “Truths with Xena”. “The 39-year-old was watching her” “This girl when she arrived at the Police Department did not wish to file an appeal for an offence. She is re-examined I say if the police actions were done correctly. There are eyewitness accounts, but there are police. The girl expressed her fear that her former mate might be waiting for her outside her home, because this had happened in the previous days and asked to escort her to a patrol car. She had not understood both herself and the person who accompanied her to be watching her. They assumed that she was near the girl’s house and that’s why she was asking to be transported in a police car. They were trying to convince the girl to submit a plea. “He did not wish us to call Direct Action” “With a call to 911, as in every police station, the patrol car is in a few minutes there. That’s what they explained to the girl. The expression “there is no patrol car” does not exist for any police station. Whether the crew of the patrol car comes from the ATM or the Direct Action this concerns the Greek Police. Patrol was normally in the area. The girl didn’t want us to call 911, she asked to leave and call herself, as she did. There’s the call that normally talks to the operator and describes exactly where he is when he is suddenly attacked by the perpetrator. While the line was open, the call was recorded.