NBA Results: New win for the Boston Celtics, closer to the play in the Atlanta Hawks

Despite Jalen Brown’s absence, the did not have any difficulty passing through their headquarters, winning 118–104, continuing their march to the top of the NBA. After defeating the Atlanta Hawks, the Boston Celtics “answered” with a win over the New Orleans Pelikas and… doubled against the Charlotte Hornets, with Sam Howser coming forward with 25 points and 7/11 three-pointers. Jason Tatum also had 25 points and 10 rebounds, while Christaps Porzingis and Derrick White added 20 and 19 points respectively. For the losers, Michael Bridges had 26 points, 11 rebounds and 8 assists, while Vasilje Misic “touched” the double double with 13 points and 9 assists. Of the other games of the day, the Atlanta Hawks win over Chicago Bulls stood out with 113-101, as the “old men” made an important step to secure a place in the NBA play in. Vitt Kraci with 6/6 threepoints and Bogdan Bogdanovic with 20 points were the top for the winners, who had off Tre Young, while for the Bulls, DeMar DeRozan’s 31 points were not enough to prevent defeat. Results in NBA Indiana Pacers – Brooklyn Nets 133-111 Detroit Pistons – Memphis Grizzlies 108-110 Orlando Magic – Portland Trail Blazers 104-103 Charlotte Hornets – Boston Celtics 104-118 New Orleans Pelicans – Phoenix Sans 111-114 Chicago Bulls – Atlanta Hawks 101-113