Nikos Dendias: The Chinook Support Contract has been activated and implemented properly

The situation in which the CH-47D type helicopter fleet of the Army Air Force is located has been discussed by the Minister of National Defence, in response to a topical question by Kyriakos Velopoulos. In particular, the parliamentary control question to Nico Dendia refers to the implementation of the contract signed with the U.S. Army in May 2023, with a background to the impending anti-fire period, during which Chinook-type helicopters are one of the most important “weapons” of the Armed Forces in air-fighting operations. For his part, Nikos Dendias responded to features: “I know that the transnational agreement to support CH-47D helicopters was activated and implemented properly. Other information concerning armed forces equipment shall be classified and shall not be disclosed through parliamentary control. It is noted, however, that the competent parliamentary committee shall be informed of any activation of a major military equipment acquisition programme.” It is noted that in OnAlert we had recently written on the issue of the availability of the Chinook type helicopters of the Army Air Force, which in the previous anti-fire period had been recruited as “from machine gods” in battle with the fiery nightmare. The CH-47D flew hundreds of hours over the fronts, mainly in Evros and Rhodes, but also in other areas of the country from its first light days until sundown. After all, as we had pointed out, the needs are known to the Army General Staff and it is no accident that the Military Staff has already requested the purchase of ten new CH-47F Chinook helicopters, with a simultaneous upgrade of ten CH-47D type helicopters. Source: