Elections in Turkey: Reconstitution scenarios by Erdogan – First “victim” of defeat by Finance Minister?

Not many hours have passed since his election crash in the municipal elections in Turkey and the first scenarios for me… first on the list the Minister of Finance, Mehmet Simsek. Journalists and political analysts, speaking to non-governmental media, stressed that Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s defeat in Turkey’s municipal elections was mainly due to the enormous economic problems that plague the country. That is why they appreciated that probably the “sultan” goes on to dismiss Finance Minister Mehmet Simsek making a mini-reconstitution but with meaning. This view was also strengthened by the fact that in his speech, Monday morning from the AKP headquarters in Ankara, the Turkish president spoke extensively about the economy: “We will pay more attention to our country’s urgent problems, especially the reconstruction of the earthquake-stricken region and the elimination of our economic problems.” At the same time, he attempted to reassure the markets, ensuring that to date the government has implemented the medium-term programme and the 12th development plan. “We stayed away from populism that would cost our country, our nation and future generations,” he said. We will start to see the positive results of our economic programme, particularly in inflation, from the second half of the year,” he promised. “Everyone, from our business world to bureaucracy, from traders to farmers, traders, workers and students, will be able to focus on what they really care about.”