Netherlands: Video at the time of the release of three hostages – Holds two more perp

In progress is the hostage incident in, with the perpetrator releasing three people, but still holding two more. The following video records the moment of the release of the three people, who had been held hostage in cafes in the city of Ende, Holland, with police pointing out that the perpetrator’s motive does not appear to be terrorist. 🚨🇳🇱 LIVE HOSTAGE SITUATION — THREE HOSTAGES RELEASED 3 individuals, believed to be employes, are filmed exiting Café Petticoat with hands raised. It is unknown how many hosts remain after a masked man walked into the bar in the Netherlands this morning with weapons and… — Adnan Belushi (@adnanbelushi) “We see that there are many questions about motive. At the moment, nothing shows that this is a terrorist act,” the police said in a statement. As reported by the international media, around 5 a.m. Saturday morning (30.03. 24) the perpetrator broke into the cafe in downtown Ende, holding explosives and took five people to hold them as hostages. At the point powerful police forces and negotiators immediately rushed in, in order to defuse the emergency situation with the perpetrator, while 150 homes were evacuated. Police special units have developed at the site of the episode, the city centre has been closed for traffic, while citizens were asked to stay away from the area. The following video captures the moment when robots move towards the cafeteria.