Vicky Koulianou: For me the role of Katerina was written Lehu in “You are my match”

He was one of the first to decide to “pass” from modeling to theatre. She even revealed that a role she… took off, he in “You are my mate”, had been written for herself! That is why Vicky Koulianou revealed in Hello magazine, the heroine that Katerina Lehu finally embodied, was called “Viki”. He had agreed, then, he said but due to professional obligations in Greece, he could not travel to Australia for filming. I don’t remember there being another man who’s eaten so much bulling because he switched to acting because I was the first to do it. I remember Vassilis Diamantopoulos saying to me, ‘ You are very good. My favorite student. But do you have a strong stomach? ‘ We were very friends with Diamantopoulos. We hung out a lot. Outside the school we played chess and talked endless hours. He said, ‘In this country good people are having trouble’. I don’t feel unfair. I’ve done some great work. Just some people could have a more spectacular sequel. I remember that in the series “You are my mate” was to be you in Lehu’s place. Then it was my fault. The role was written for me, so the heroine was called Vicky. We talked to the kids about going filming in Australia, but I think I had closed with Levivada to do theater. We would have found a way but I said ‘no’ to them.