Poseidon Giannopoulos for Dimitris Kokotas: My mind didn’t go to harm.

o o o I saw him in the interview a little lost, as if something was bothering him,” said Poseidon Giannopoulos interviewed the show “I Love Soo Kou” and Despina Panagiotidou. The well-known songwriter and radio producer also spoke about the meeting he had with Dimitris Kokota, as part of the singer’s recent presence in the air of the show “Morning Sue”. “When I found out that there was this incident and he’s in the ER, I realized that while I saw him, I saw his look a little distracted, a little lost, like something was bothering him. At that moment I was impressed because I had a comparison measure a few months ago when I had interviewed him. My mind didn’t go to harm. Today when I learned what I learned, I realized that man had already had some trouble,” said Poseidon Giannopoulos.