ND: Communications games of Syriza behind the non-submission request for Pre-interrogation

Communication manipulations are blamed by its government and Stefanos Kasselakis, in relation to the pre-announcement for filing a request for a Pre- Inquiry Committee, but not filed… “It’s not a matter of government, it’s a matter of Parliament. The Constitution and the Rules of Procedure of the House are accurate. To submit a request with the required 50 signatures…” the Secretary of the Parliamentary Group of the N.D. Stavros Kalafatis states in newssit.gr. In fact, she notes that the Secretary of the Parliamentary Group of SYRIZA Theodora Jackris never handed over the indictment to him – who was in Thessaloniki – as she stated on the cameras herself, but simply left a file in his office, without even getting a protocol number. ‘Proposed indictment and signatures’ ‘Any person who considers that there is evidence of guilt or omission by political persons has the possibility to draw up an indictment, which will also contain a proposal for a preliminary examination and after obtaining the required number of signatures, to bring it to the Chamber of Parliament, in accordance with the procedure envisaged. Until the above procedure is followed, we are simply talking about another communication firework of the Opposition Officer” declared and sources of government. “The issue lies in Justice” What is highlighted by the Maximos Mansion and Piraeus is Koumoundourou did not even seek the support of the other parties, so that the minimum 50 signatures could be collected to submit a request for a Pre- Inquiry Committee for former Transport Minister Costas Karamanlis, but “throw the ball to the N.D.” putting as a condition for the submission of the request, its support, to appear, as they estimate. “The issue is in Justice. Independent Justice “runs” the investigation and even the Tempes case will be tried immediately, six times faster than the case of tragedy in the Eye. There is no issue of covering Costas Karamanlis or cover-up” states a competent government official. By imputing Syriza “anti-institutional acrobatisms” and “tooling the pain of relatives” for micro-party benefits in the face of the European elections. SYRIZA – PASOK…? Piraeus players include this move by SYRIZA in the context of the diagonism with PASOK and Nikos Androulakis, who also keeps the issue at the forefront of the campaign agenda. Following the initiative to propose disbelief against the government yesterday he took another initiative and filed a report to the ‘Aryan Ice, asking to investigate who was responsible for the leaks of the station chief’s sound records and if they were monternized. The attitude of the other parties… “Don’t the other parties agree on the recommendation of Pre-interrogation?” he was asking with meaning a member of the government’s party, asked to comment on the indications of three felonies of Costas Karamanlis highlighted by Syriza, namely the homicide with potential deceit, the exposure to danger (which caused deaths) and the disruption of transport security? “Obviously and opposition parties will support the recommendation for Pre-interrogation, if (!) Justice’s investigation identifies Costas Karamanlis’ responsibilities,” he replies, implying that they would hardly “burn a parliamentary paper”. In addition, a lawsuit is expected on the part of the relatives of the victims of the Tempes, who will once submitted will go to Parliament without delay for the further. It is recalled that if a request for a preliminary hearing is now submitted it will have to be six months before a corresponding request is made again.