Syriza insists that the cover-up operation for the Tempes continues

Determined to highlight the responsibilities of the government and the former Minister of Transport in their case appears who yesterday (01.04.2024) sent a specific indictment against Costas Karamanlis in the South West. The government’s refusal – through sources – to set up with this pre-interrogation committee for the Tembis did not surprise anyone in Syriza because, as they pointed out “the position of Kyriakos Mitsotakis in the House was a pretext, in order to be disenfranchised from his difficult position.” “From “bringing it into the House a indictment, discuss it” and “on general charges and without indictment, we have no rule of law”, by Kyriakos Mitsotakis, to “after gathering the required number of signatures, to bring it to the plenary” of government sources. From the warm applause to Mr Karamanlis and the government lionisms for his support, to the disorderly retreat,” said Koumoundourou executives by repeating that “the cover-up operation continues, confirming the political equation “Michotakis equals Karamanlis, Karamanlis equals Mitsotakis, the cover-up, has a face”. The same people however point out that the main opposition party will not stop unless responsibilities are attributed to the former minister and point out that “the Megaron Maximus’ refusal to proceed to a pre-trial committee based on the indictment increasingly convinces the public that the government has joined the path of cover-up.” Syriza has yet to decide what his next moves will be, as his executives say he will carefully review his next step. In other words, whether he will submit the request for a pre-trial committee, immediately, or wait for a file to come from regular justice in the House to do so. The Secretary of SYRIZA Theodora Jackris, however, handed over the indictment against Costas Karamanlis to whom the main opposition officials charge him with “hoslaughter with potential deceit”, “curricular exposure and security disruption of fixed-track transport and duty violation”. Theodora Jackris said in a statement that “we ask the government of the NW to commit itself to voting for the establishment of a Pre-Interrogation Committee in accordance with Article 86(3) of the Constitution to investigate the above crimes and to commit that she will not try to cover up Mr Karamanlis’ responsibilities so that he will be brought to justice after prosecution.” What the indictment says With regard to the indictment among others, it is stated that: Costas Karamanlis, although he knew that the local telecommunications system in Larissa (place of Sugar) had been destroyed by fire in July 2019, did not take any action, although it was due, to restore this key damage. Kostas Karamanlis, although aware of the cessation from 2020 of the operation of the secondary control and traffic regulation equipment at Karolos Street (Athens), did not do anything about its reopening that was absolutely necessary for the safety of transport. – Kostas Karamanlis, although he knew that the GSM-R communication system was ready for operation as early as July 2022, never put it into service. – Kostas Karamanlis did not implement/complete the Convention 717/2014, resulting in the failure of the system of photolabelling and telemanagement, as well as the ETCS AUTOMATIC STRESSING OF TRENA. Kostas Karamanlis published on 30-5-2022 Ministerial Decision arbitrarily changing the conditions for the transfer of the fatal Stationmaster, abolishing the age limit, as an element directly related to the safety of the railway operation and the passenger public. Costas Karamanlis, although he knew that two station chiefs were needed at the central stations, accepted the operation of these only with one stationmaster. – Costas Karamanlis totally ignored the Confidential Letter sent to him on 6-9-2021 by the CEO of TRAINOSE Professor F. CHALIDIS, in which the latter warned him in an emphatic and clear way about “more visible risk of an event of maximum seriousness.” – Costas Karamanlis ignored the specific suggestions regarding the safety issues of fixed-security means of transport contained in 7-9-2021, 9-3-2022, and 1-11-2022 Extrajudicial Statements – Disclosures of the Panhellenic Association of Personal Attractions, of which he had received personal knowledge himself! – Kostas Karamanlis totally ignored the relevant suggestions of the National Transparency Authority’s findings, which he had been aware of since 4-10-2021 .