Voridis and Nezis, Jackie calls …Thessaloniki, because the price of petrol will rise, the first treatment in Velopoulos for Tempes, the resignations in EDASAAM, Tesla at Maximos Palace

Ping pong SYRIZA asks the ND to commit itself to voting for the request for Preliminary Review against former Transport Minister Costas Karamanlis (if tabled). Government sources respond that according to the Constitution the request for Prerogation must first be submitted with a normal indictment and required number of signatures to examine it and decide its stance. ‘First to see’ are stressed by competent ministers. Syriza doesn’t because he’s afraid the ND will reject the request and if it becomes a government he won’t have the right to testify again. One side throws the ball to the other and one episode succeeds the other Jackri calls …Thessaloniki! The first known for parliamentary chronicles was yesterday’s move by Syriza. Instead of formally submitting a request for pre-interrogation to the Bureau of the House, Theodora Jackris left a file in the office of the Secretary-General of the South West, around 6 p.m. Stavros Kalafatis was in Thessaloniki and arrived at “Macedonia Pallas”, for an event by Grant Thornton, where he also spoke the Minister of National Economy and Finance Kostis Hatzidakis. The file was not registered because this was not foreseen. It contained Syriza’s “prosecution” according to which acts and omissions by former Minister of Transport Costas Karamanlis, “comply the objective and subjective existence of the homicide felonies with the possibility of fraudulent as provided for in Article 299 B.C., the disruption of the safety of fixed-track means of transport pursuant to Article 291 para.1d” and in the PK and the report referred to in Article 306 B.2 B.C.” The “complaint” was presented yesterday morning by SYRIZA President Stefanos Kasselakis, in TikTok, sitting in an office with two flags on the side, Greek and EU. Scripts In the House however arrived according to information from the column, and the lawsuit against Kostas Karamanlis, rescued from the national tragedy of the Tempes. The procedure has been followed. That is, when justice falls into the name of a politician before considering the substance of the charges, it sends the case to the House and she decides whether or not to lift his immunity. So the time for decisions is approaching for the Southwest. One way or another he will be asked to judge whether he will continue to support Kostas Karamanlis or will give the green light to be dealt with on the basis of Article 86 of the Constitution on the responsibility of ministers. But there must be evidence of guilt as the government sources point out. Not just to set up a popular court. On the other hand, since the former minister considers himself innocent, he has no reason to be afraid. Borides and Nezis Maximos’ open bridges with ministers and MPs on their way to the European elections take more important proportions because the government if it is in danger by someone is its bad self. Pro-minister Makis Voridis who moved to Maximou, but will work and make an appointment at the offices of Zalokosta, will take over the cabinet and the councillor of Prime Minister Thanasis Nezis K.O. of ND and will take over the part of the Prime Minister’s communication with civil society. There are fewer than 70 days left for the polls and the bet for the NW is to move to the percentage it took in the European elections in 2019 (33%). Tempe and precision are her Achilles heel. Maximos’ new composition and responsibilities were at the heart of the first meeting held yesterday afternoon under the Prime Minister. Where the ICS goes To Stelios Koutnartzis who took over as Secretary-General of the Prime Minister’s Office, after the resignation of the Deputy Minister despite Prime Minister Giannis Bratakos, the National Service remains. In other words, the NCA remains in the responsibilities of Kyriakos Mitsotakis. The other authorities, such as the National Committee on Bioethics, the National Committee on Human Rights, the National Committee for Persons with Disabilities in which the resignation of Stavros Papastavrou took a number of initiatives, passed to the Minister of State Akis Skercho. 49,000 applications for epistoliki By last night at 21.45 pm they had testified via the electronic platform to vote by epistolic vote 48,552 citizens of whom 29,212 (60.2%) are from Greece and 19,340 from abroad (39.8%). If we take into account the many travels abroad of the associated ministers who speak to expatriates about the epistolic vote, with the successive reports of the Prime Minister and add the advertising campaign that began yesterday, within the country the results are modest in terms of expatriates. Of course, there is enough time until April 29, when the deadline expires, but it is certain that a case of e-mails leaked by the interior ministry has caused a numbness beyond the harsh political confrontation. Information says it is a matter of 24 hours to complete the internal investigation carried out in the Ministry. Home. Before the European elections The Communication Privacy Assurance Authority knocks on the door of former ND immigration secretary Nikos Theodoropoulos who allegedly took e-mails from the Interior and sent them to the MEP Anna Michel Asimakopoulou who was found outside the Eurolist and is also checked. Reliable sources say the Authority is making efforts to complete its investigation before the European elections to provide a clear landscape of the responsibilities of this leak. The prosecutor’s investigation will be delayed as he expects to receive the other findings. Because fuel prices will rise more The decision of the oil-producing country organisation (OPEC+) in early March to maintain production cuts at least by June and probably by the end of the year led to a sharp rise in the crude price to $87 a barrel with trends for further increase. Analysts such as Charalambos Greek of Atlantic Council refer to Goldman Sachs’ predictions of Brent’s rise to $90 a barrel. ING sees it at $88 and Stardard Chartered at $95 as an average price for 2024. At the beginning of the year it was at just $77 a barrel. That is why fuel prices will increase further with rising trends also based on forecasts for better growth due to interest rate reductions. Buckle up! First lawsuit against Mr. Velopoulos for the Tempe Hundreds of thousands of euros asks for compensation from one of the defendants for the Tempes accident by Kyriakos Velopoulos who is leading in various conspiracy theories released in the last year. According to the column the lawsuit was filed yesterday and turns against the president of the Greek Solution. The defendants for the Tempes, in the majority of ERGOSE executives, are preparing to turn court against both former or current colleagues or former OSE officials who appeared as witnesses during the investigation conducted by the European prosecutor. They consider that the elements on the basis of which they are being prosecuted do not show the real reasons for the multi-annual delays in the notorious Convention 717 on the signalling and telemanagement of the main railway axis Athens – Thessaloniki – Promachonas. Resignations and appointments rain on EDASAAM! The word EODAAAM may not mean anything to you, but it is the National Aviation and Railway Accidents and Transport Safety Agency, which has undertaken to proceed with the Tempe investigation. In fact, with the participation of experts from the European Railway Agency (ERA) was set a few days ago! The organization was foreseen in a law passed early last year (or late in 2022), but actually operated last September. The first commander of EDASAAM Athan. Binis (engineer of aircraft in specialty) resigned a few days ago. Yesterday we learned that in his position is appointed the newly resigned commander of the Civil Aviation Service George Dritsakos, deputy general in retirement. You should know, however, that in the law establishing EDASAAM it is provided that in the case of the investigation of railway accidents and incidents, the vice president, namely Christos Papadimitriou, a well-known lawyer and writer of novels, exercises the duties of the president. As the column has written, one of Mr Papadimitriou’s novels is entitled “Crime Without Punishment”! In order to avoid misunderstandings, the previous proposal is no peak for the skills and qualifications of the deputy president of EDASAAM. We’re just carrying the coincidence. Tesla executives at the Maximos Palace Since 2018 the establishment of Tesla’s first research and development centre in Athens, at the Democritus Technological Park had been announced. Since then we have not learned much about the initiative of the international electric car giant. However, we learned that today, officials of the American group will be found in Athens and after passing through Democritus they will also go to Maximos Palace. We recall that at the time it was decided to cooperate with Democritus three of Tesla’s leading electric motor designers were Greeks and had graduated from the National Technical University of Athens. Specifically it was Constantine Lascaris, Constantine Bourchas and Vassilis Papanikolaou. With government officials will also have meetings with the leaders of powerful international pharmaceutical companies who have a meeting this week in Athens, specifically Star Vouliagmenis. The digital bureaucracy we don’t know if anyone from the Treasury has been through the accounting department of some big business in recent months. Or if someone from the Bank of Greece (TTE) has understood how much banks’ customers are suffering from “digital service”. And if some government officials have grasped the inconvenience of businesses to integrate and update data into various registers and registers. Digital bureaucracy is galloping, with serious implications for the operation of companies and the service of citizens. Something has to be done. They knew something in Estonia that applied the rule of “one and only contact of the citizen with the public”. Once he gives his information and then is transferred from service to service without being disturbed. We’re sure to stay away from this situation, but let’s look at the digital mess.