“My wife stabbed me with a kitchen knife” – 59-year-old walked into the department in Madoudi

A couple’s fight took a wild turn in, with the 62-year-old woman nailing one of her 59-year-old husbands! In fact, according to newssit.gr’s information the man in Mandoudi, went injured to the station to denounce his wife for wounding him with the kitchen knife. It all happened on Wednesday night (13/3/24). At 23.30 the 59-year-old appeared to the police asking to denounce his wife. As he told them, a while ago, at their house in Mandoudi, he attacked him with a kitchen knife and wounded him with it in his chest! The man was immediately transferred to the Madudi Health Center to provide first aid. Then the wife appeared alone at the station where she was arrested. The kitchen knife of the attack was confiscated. The victim was discharged as his life is not in danger.