Mourning for Marina Satty: Her father died in health problems.

Heavy mourning for the after-news that her father died a few hours ago. Marina Satty’s father reportedly died today (02.04.2024) after health problems he was facing. The singer was born in Athens with a mother from Greece and a dad from Sudan. Her parents met in the capital while studying while Marina Satti was a teenager decided to get a divorce while her father returned to his hometown. “My mom had grown up in Crete, my dad had grown up in Sudan, a student came to Athens and so they met. There are differences as you understand and still there are. I think they managed to find a balance because of love and then we came, the kids. I admire my mom for this, for her unruly character. Growing up I realize I say “wow, dude”. My dad was the first black person my grandmother saw,” Marina Satti said in an earlier interview about her family The father of the singer returned to Sudan after the breakup and made his life again having acquired another daughter with his new wife. Marina Satti is to represent Greece in the Eurovision Music Song Contest, in May in Malmo, Sweden, with the song “Zari”.