What changes the allowances and pensions of parents of childless and unmarried employees or military in an ordered service

Changes in the status of compensation and parents of childless and single employee or military, deceased in an ordered service, predicts which the Ministry of Finance brought yesterday (1.4.2024) to public consultation. In particular, it is provided that the parents of the unmarried person with no children of an official or military official who has first been appointed to the State or who has been enlisted as a military officer after 1 January 1993 without being insured in any insurance institution of principal insurance until 31 December 1992, provided that he has died in an ordered service involving increased risk and due to it, may instead of the one-off financial assistance choose the pension. From the day after the person’s death, his parents are entitled to a monthly pension from the State, amounting to five tenths (5/10) of the one to be awarded to the deceased. The pension is paid in equal shares between parents. In the event of the death of one parent, his share increases the share of the remaining. The pension is irrevocable and is paid regardless of the payment of any other pension or salary. The selection is made with a simultaneous and irrevocably responsible statement submitted to the Income Policy Directorate of the General Accountant of the State and to the service in which the deceased served. In the event of a different choice between the two parents, the amount of the financial aid is paid by 50% and the pension amounts to two and a half tithes (2.5/10) of what should be awarded to the deceased. If the deceased’s parents have died, the single financial aid shall be paid equally to the deceased’s brothers if they have not completed the twenty-fourth (24th) year of their age. If the allowance has already been paid by the date of entry into force and the parents choose to pay the pension, twenty percent (20%) of this amount shall be withheld until the debt has been repaid. This shall apply to events taking place from 1 January 2023 onwards.