Ministry of Development: Fine 120,000 euros in e-shop and shutdown

A total fine of 120,000 euros in the e-shop “Athanasios PIREFANIS AND CIA UN” that maintains the electronic imposed it after extensive . The operation of the site was discontinued immediately after actions by the Ministry of Development in order to protect consumers. In particular, following an extensive audit carried out by the Directorate-General for the Market and Consumer Protection of the General Secretariat for Trade of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, serious infringements of consumer legislation were found. In particular: The failure to deliver product orders at the agreed delivery time and the failure to inform consumers of the final execution time of the order after the expiry of the deadline. The non-return of the money paid by consumers for the purchase of goods which they never received after a contract was terminated and the cancellation of the order. The misleading of consumers about the availability of goods while in fact the company was unable to carry out the orders. Difficult to impossible communication with the firm. In addition to the administrative fine imposed on this company, the Department of Development services also proceeded with the temporary ban on access to the company’s website at the request of the National Telecommunications and Post Office Committee. This move aims to stop access to the company’s website immediately to prevent further harm for consumers from this online store. Minister of Development Costas Skrekas made the following statement: “Anyone who outlaws will face the consequences of the law. This is one of our standing principles for the proper functioning of the market and consumer protection. The audit services of the Ministry of Development watch the market with an alert eye, both conventional and online and enforce what Greek legislation provides. The controls will continue at an unabated rate.” The consumer public is invited, where it detects unfair commercial practices by electronic operators, to lodge a complaint with the Directorate-General for the Market and Consumer Protection (