Herpes epime: How it is transmitted and how it is treated

How easy is his transmission? Herpes epithelial is a group of tiny blisters, caused by the herpes simplex virus (HSV). Usually, the herpes epithelial occurs on the outer mouth and lips, but it can also occur on the nose and cheeks. Because the herpes epithelial is contagious, you should not touch your hands in the infected area, as it can easily be transmitted to the eyes and the genital area. Hand hygiene is very important. How herpes is transmitted to another person: with direct contact (e.g. kiss) with cutlery with glasses with pillow towels Herpes epithelial occurs in stages : You have a feeling of tingling, burning or itching at the point (usually on the lips) About 12-24 hours later, blistering forms, the area becomes red, swollen and hurts The bubble opens and comes out wet. This usually lasts 2-3 days A healing is formed at the point. He can break or bleed. The healing is naturally removed from the skin You may also have red or swollen gums, swollen glands in the neck, fever or muscle pains As far as treatment is concerned, it is important to keep the point clean. You can take some painkiller and put ice on the bubbles to reduce pain.