“Downset” spiral that deceived people across the country: He was putting up luxury car sales ads

He was dislocated to the detriment of unsuspecting citizens throughout the country. Five members of the circuit, including the leaders, were arrested. A total of 42 cases of fraud were investigated nationwide. After a long, methodical and thorough investigation of the Patras Security Sub-Directorate, a brake was introduced into the action of the spiral of frauds throughout Greece. According to police, on Monday (01.04.2024) in the morning, in Ilia and Argolida, a large-scale police operation was organized and implemented by the officers of the Patras Sub-Directorate of Security, with the assistance of police officers of the Tower Security Sub-Directorate, the Argos and Nafplion Security Departments and the Nafplion OPKE. During the police operation five men (two foreign three Greeks) were arrested, including the leaders, against whom he was formed, of a criminal nature, a case for ‘criminal organisation, committed fraud and forgery, executed and attempted continuously, serial and professionally and prevention and repression of money laundering from criminal activities’. At the same time, the full data of 40 persons (money mules) were identified, against which a case was formed for synergy in committing fraud and preventing and suppressing money laundering from criminal activities. These individuals were a ‘protection shield’ for the spiral, as they had bank accounts to which money was transferred from fraud (money mules). How did the fraud circuit work? From the thorough investigation carried out by the officers of the Patras Sub-Directorate of Security, it emerged that the fraud ring had been active at least since January 2023. Their action developed geographically throughout Greece (Patras, Ilia, Zakynthos, Thessaloniki, Halkidiki, Giannina, Karditsa, Larissa, Corfu, Rhodes and Crete) where the officers of the Patras Department of Security solved a total of 42 cases of fraud, during which the defendants obtained an illegal asset, amounting to at least 180,000 euros. Regarding the mode of action the members of the spiral created in social media profiles, where they posted on platforms advertisements for selling luxury vehicles and agricultural machinery. They then asked prospective buyers – suffered advances or discounting the value of purchases via electronic banking transaction, while in some cases they prepared a false proof of deposit of money to a bank account indicating the potential victim and sent the evidence to the sufferers. In investigations carried out they were found in possession of the arrested and cell phones, bank accounts booklets, bank cards, OPAP cards and a passenger car were seized. Police officers of the Patras Sub-Directorate of Security continue investigations in order to determine whether the defendants have committed other similar criminal acts. The prisoners will be taken to the District Attorney of Primary Shipplio.