Michaelidou: Practical support for former Greek Shipyard workers

The financial support and employment of former Greek workers , provided for by the Ministers for National Defence, Interior, Infrastructure and Transport, Labour and Social Security and the Deputy Ministers for National Economy and Finance and Infrastructure and Transport. Extraordinary financial aid of EUR 2,700 to each of the unemployed , former employees of the public limited company under the name ‘Hellenic Shipbuilding S.A.’ and generally those included in c.b. of para.9 of Article 26 of Law 4258/2014 (A’94). A special employment programme aimed at dealing directly with the unemployment of former employees of the company “Hellenic Shipbuilding S.A.” and generally those included in c.b. of par. 9, Article 26 of Law 4258/2014 (A’94) as amended by Article 34 of Law 5058/2023 (A’170) and whose contracts of employment with the Navy expired on 31.12.2023. The aim of the programme is to create 474 new full-time jobs by placing unemployed people in Navy Services (130 places) and TA. SY. SA and SY SA (344 places). The gross monthly earnings of the beneficiaries amount to EUR 1,210 and the maximum costs for the implementation of the programme amount to EUR 17,266,720,32. The total period of employment of the beneficiaries is set at 12 months with the possibility of extending for another 12 months. The competent body for the implementation, management and monitoring of the specific programme is the Public Employment Agency (A.P. A.) issuing the Public Invitation specifying the procedures for implementing the programme. The beneficiaries of the programme during the first year of its implementation may participate in specific continuing vocational training programmes with certification. The aim of these programmes is to upgrade the skills of the beneficiaries (upskilling) and/or re-establish them (reskilling) in the themes of their specialties. On the occasion of the publication of the Joint Ministerial Decision, the Minister of Labour and Social Security, Domna Michailidou, said: “With this decision we confirm in practice our commitment to support workers and the unemployed. We are next to them offering solutions that meet their needs directly. The former employees in Greek Shipyards give in addition to exceptional financial aid, a second professional opportunity and the opportunity to upgrade their skills to thematic subjects of their specialties. Our policies are based on support for workers and the unemployed. Nobody is going to stay behind.”