Andreas Mikruccicus returned to Super Katerina: “Bubuki, welcome”

After several days of absence, he took his place again today (01.04.2024) on the Super Katerina show panel, with her and her other associates welcoming him warmly. Katerina Newou had announced, a few days ago, that Andreas Mikroutsikos would reduce his appearances on the show due to a loaded program, since she will be employed in other productions. When the show began and receiving Andreas Mikrucciko, the following was reported: Katerina New : Andrew, good week, we missed you, are you all right? Andreas Little: Good week! Good lies. Gregory Gudaras : Our bud, welcome, darling! Andreas Little: Hello, Gregory! The well-known musician and presenter returned to the panel the day the guest on the show was also the Minister of Health, Adonis Georgiades, with whom he was… confronted. “The production company, Barking Well has made a decision to use Andreas in two other projects. (…) You will see him here sometimes a week depending on his business with the production company for these projects. He did not decide to leave any show, nor did we decide to leave Andrew’s place,” Katerina New said last week about Andreas Mikrucciko.