MasterChef 2024: Tough cooking duels and details that make difference

In his previous episode (Friday 29/3) , Zoe Kallergis from the gray brigad was finally the player who left the competition permanently, after the Withdrawal Trial with copying plate. Giannis Georgiou, from the Bordeaux brigada, was deposited for the dish he presented to the three chefs, Sotiris Kontiza, Panos Ioannidis and Leonidas Koutsopoulos, as well as to their guest pastry chef, Dimitris Makriniotis, thus continuing with an uplifted moral course in the cooking marathon of MasterChef 2024. Vegan Mystery Box, tonight, Monday, April 1st, with the leader of the gray brig, Costas Fregio and the leader of the Bordeaux, Giannis Kourtoglou, wanting victory more than anything else! The materials of today’s box and the vegan techniques, which the members of the two brigads should present on their dishes, will require all their knowledge, as will of course all their cooking perception. This time the two leaders will alternately make the duel couples. Kostas, as the new leader of the gray brigada, wants the victory at all costs, to begin with the “right” course. Giannis, for his part, wants to continue the winning efforts and avoid his brigady going to the psychospora, now, Voting Process. Nevertheless, the nature of today’s test will make everyone very difficult and nothing predicts the final outcome. The cooking duels will be tough and everything will be judged in detail. Who or who will present the best dish and win in the 1,000-euro prize money and what brigad will attend the Voting Process to promote the first candidate, for this week, from the security of the gallery?