Marina Patoulis: “Don’t you see? I don’t wear a filter, I’m real’

After the saliva she caused with the tampered photos she posted on Saturday (30.04.2024), she decided to respond to the negative comments she receives about altering reality. Marina Patouli first responded to the camera after negative comments on her processed photos on Instagram. Speaking on the show “The Breakfast” he pointed out that people only look at the surface while facing so many problems. “Don’t you see? I don’t wear filter, I wear filter?” and then he added: “I am both real and self-scaring. So I uploaded this photo and it was a mess,” Marina Patouli stressed. “I am intrigued by the challenge and analysis of the world’s thinking. I see most people don’t stick to the essence of what you’re writing, but to whether he had an eyelash. I mean, I can make important positions and nothing… They stay on the surface. We have so many problems here, and we’re staying on whether Patouli has a potion. Plus, it’s totally sexist. So a woman who can be good-looking who isn’t 20 years old – I never hid my age, I’m 55 years old – I think she’s going through a nice message to the women of my age that they should look after themselves. But this all starts from our soul,” he said afterwards. See this post on Instagram. “When we’re good inside, we broadcast it. You don’t put 150 filters, and eyelashes, and hair, unless you have inner completeness and joy, this is not reflected. I responded to the comments made, borrowing Melina Mercouri’s words that she said she did not fake as pretending she considers something vulgar. I live and express myself as I feel, I am a deeply emotional man who of course rationalizes the environment and reactions around me and this is a springboard for food for thought and redefinition. Whether by filter or without filter, our soul remains unchanged. From a young girl, from a student I was, I liked to take care of myself” concluded Marina Patoulis.