Loutraki: Plan a two-day trip or holiday for Easter

Bath, steady value. “The young man is beautiful but always fortunately the old one is different,” says the song and can be used even if we want to refer to a travel destination. With time flowing, as it is reasonable, young people will always emerge which, especially as they are unknown to the general public, will be nice, but the old will always be different and where “old” we can put Loutraki. Old but classic and never disappoints! And not only because it is only 80 km from Athens and you will not waste time until you arrive, but also because it will always be a good escape. Choosing Loutraki for a weekend escape, for example, shows that you have a strong need to get away from town for a while. From the intense rhythm of everyday life. From stress, pressure. What, then, is better than enjoying the entirely different pace of this particular destination?