The “Mama-des” in Thessaloniki: Spyros Sarafianos, Mary Andreou and Christi Kathargia guests of Jenny Theonas

This Sunday (31.03.2024), and the show “Mama-des” travel to Thessaloniki, on the occasion of the conference on “Public Television in the 21st Century: The era of ERTFLIX”, held by the AUTH Visual and Cultural Studies Laboratory, in collaboration with ERT. Jenny Theona meets actor Spyros Sarafiano and his wife Mary Andreou, who talk about their relationship, their son, but also about what it is like to work together. Psychiatrist Christi Katharya talks about Aki’s son, who she had at an early age, about the first years she raised him alone, but also about a serious health adventure that the young man went through.