Mary Bidali: I stood it because I was young, today I don’t know

The losses and their management, the life that passes and the time that “closes” the wounds. She spoke to the magazine Well and referred to how she has handled significant losses in her life. One of them, the death of her father. One day after that, Mary Vidal had to go to the shoot and she couldn’t postpone it. She went and the circumstances helped her hide her swollen eyes. Did you ever get on the board while experiencing a loss? Not on the board, but on a movie. I shot the day after my father died. I couldn’t help but go, a whole ship was chartered for this movie. I went with glasses because my eyes were swollen with crying. Fortunately, the shooting was outside, so the glasses were allowed. I suppose it would be very difficult… It was too hard. But because I was too young, then I could handle it. I don’t know if today I could handle it. Time eases the pain of loss? When the mind turns to it, it’s like it was yesterday. Of course, over time, you don’t think about it the way you used to. At this time I lost my loved ones and at a much younger age than me. This is something very difficult and there you realize how ephemeral it is all and how in vain. This must make us live well every day and in love.