Michael Hatzigiannis: I’ve heard all about my sexuality, everyone’s body is his property.

An interview with Alexander Kopsalis’s online show on YouTube was given by . The well-known singer, Michalis Hatzigiannis, in an apocalyptic interview, spoke from the heart in the “Private Outrage”, and Alexander Kopsalis, even making a flashback on his professional course in music, but also in his personal life. “George Dalaras achieved me 14 years old outside a shop he had visited. I was singing outside and when he came out, he tells me: when you come to Athens, come and find me. I also remember that the day after the military fired, I had to fly to Athens. George Hatzinassios was waiting for me to sing the title song at the Touch of Soul. He kept it, the “frenared” time for me to say it,” describes Michael Hatzigiannis. “My last night club collaboration was 2009 with Onirama. I said this would be the last time I sing in bouzouki. It was other money then. An artist with the amounts given at the time could say that I am stopping the song again having a stash,” the singer points out. “With Zeta we maintain very good contacts. It’s better we didn’t have a baby then. Now I’m thinking about having a child. I’ve heard all about my sexuality, until I’m very good at pole dancing. Everyone’s body is his property, he owns and has an inalienable right to use it in the beam,” Michalis Hatzigiannis said elsewhere in the interview.