Inventory notes: Reduced interest rates are expected at tomorrow’s DADX auction

Limited was the move on the market today (2.4.2024) and the interest is focused on tomorrow’s three-month Envoy Secretaries of the Greek State, to be carried out tomorrow by the Public Debt Management Agency ( ) for the amount of 625m euros. It is estimated that there will also be a strong investment interest in tomorrow’s tender and their interest rate is estimated to decrease slightly to 3.80% from 3.83% in the previous January auction. However, the messages from the inflation front are positive, as consumer inflation expectations according to the European Central Bank’s survey have declined. Consumers now estimate inflation will fall to 3.1% next year, while a month ago they estimated it would be 3.3%. It is recalled that inflation in the eurozone declined in February to 2.6% from 2.8% in January. In the secondary bond market today and more specifically in the Bank’s Electronic Trading System (EDET) transactions of EUR 27 million were recorded, of which EUR 12 million concerned purchase orders. The performance of the Greek 10-year bond declined to 3.45% against 2.43% of the respective German title, resulting in the margin being 1,02% The foreign exchange market is in decline in the afternoon, with the result that in the afternoon the European currency is negotiating at $1,0772 from the level of $1,0781 opened. Source: RES – ICM