Athens Stock Exchange: Major losses in shares – “Buttia” 2% below 1,400 units

“Butia” 2% noted those in Athens on Tuesday (2.3.2024) sliding below the 1,400 unit limit and towards the 1.390 units. More specifically, the Athens Stock Exchange General Price Index closed at 1,393.84 units, with the shares of PPA and Greece recording “free fall”. The total turnover was EUR 121.04 million , while 26,914,824 shares were transferred. Large Cap recorded losses at 1.95%, while the mid-capitalization index declined to 3.13%. Of the shares in high capitalization, OTE shares (+1.02%), Terna Energy (+0.50%) and Jumbo (+0.15%) were recorded. On the contrary, the largest fall was recorded by PPA shares (-7.12%), Greece (-5.70%), Aegean Airlines (-4.31%), Viohalco (-4.17%), Coca Cola HBC (-3.73%) and Elvalhalcor (-3.67%). The largest volume of transactions were presented by Alpha Bank and Eurobank by moving 5,778,695 and 5,284,793 shares respectively. Piraeus recorded the largest transaction value with 15.42m euros and OTE with 10.46%. 20 shares, 92 drops and 11 remained stable were moved upward. The largest rise was noted by the shares: Leventeris(p) +6.06% and Haidos +5.56%. The largest fall was recorded by shares: Intercontinental International -29.61% and Ilyda -7.86%.