If you eat something from the following for breakfast, stop now! [photos]

After the rest of the sleep, and after you have spent many – many hours… and not have to eat something in the morning you are in need of “active fuel” that will give your body the necessary energy to “get ahead” and to meet the new day, which is just beginning. Some of the classic breakfasts that give a lot of energy, such as waffles and pastries you’ll have to forget, because they may not seem so “sinful” for breakfast, at first glance, but it is. Choose to eat for breakfast something balanced and healthy that will give you the necessary energy for the start-up without load with unnecessary fats and sugar and so with a few extra pounds.
So it would be good to avoid the following:

Cereal with sugar
Forget the sugary cereals. The sharp increase of sugar in your blood from the sugar they contain will lead you in the day to want to consume more sweets. The classic choice of cereal for breakfast can be a trap if you are not careful, as they often have high sugar content and are low in nutritional value.

The waffles, are many people’s favorite breakfast, although could be considered more as a dessert, depending on the materials that will accompany it. Now many toasters contain specific components for the manufacture of waffle, but even if you choose the materials with which I make cannot be regarded as a balanced breakfast, since this requires a correct combination of carbohydrates, rich in fiber and proteins, such as, for example, an omelette and fruit, or toast.

Packed juice
Nothing is considered more a tonic than a glass of fruit juice, and vegetables. The packaged juices, however, usually have a high sugar content and low nutritional value. Prefer a freshly squeezed fruit or vegetable juice that contains all the nutrients and no sugar and try to combine the two categories together (fruits and vegetables).

Yogurt with fruit
The yogurt is the super food for breakfast, but a lot of what’s marketed as a “dessert yogurt” is anything but healthy. Yogurt in plain form is a very good source of calcium, protein and probiotics, but the desserts yogurt is add sugar and pigment, while the fruit syrups used are usually “enriched” with sugar.