Rejoiced with smoke and an own goal of their team! [video]

The impression continues to steal the grandstand of the newly established association of Τηγανίτη that in another game had a lot of friends on the side of the…
This time, however, they didn’t steal the impressions-only the radius but also the multitudinous presence, but also for the fact that celebrated an own goal made by a player of their team!
In the match Young Minoan – Τηγανίτης for the 10th round of the C ΕΠΣΗ, the player of Τηγανίτη, Marcos Vassiliadis, in an effort to clear the ball after a corner kick, sent her to the depth of the outbreak of the group of the “writing” in the 2-0 win for the Young Minoan.
The remarkable thing was that the friends of the Τηγανίτη not only doesn’t “pull” the player of their team who scored an own goal, but rejoiced with… smoke bombs!