How many calories need to burn to lose the coveted weight?

Dietary fat provides from 8.7 up to 9.3 calories per gram, depending on…
the type of fatty acids, on average, i.e. about 9 calories.
However, the adipocytes, the cells that store fat, they also contain fluids and proteins. The fat is in the 70-85% of the weight of adipose tissue.
Hiring, then, the 9,000 extra calories, because you’ll save a little water, the body weight will be greater than 1 kg, namely about 1.2.
To increase your weight just over 1 kilo is enough 7.700 extra calories.
How many calories need to burn to lose 1 pound of…
The answer, well, how many calories need to burn to lose a pound of body weight is 7.700 calories.
If you are on a diet period, taking this as a basis, an energy deficit of 500 calories every day, it is enough to lose 1 kilo in 18 days and 6 pounds after 108 days, provided, of course, that your metabolism has not slowed down.