CAUTION! Never throw vinegar here

    And yet there are four objects which are not clean with vinegar-on the contrary, it is their kryptonite! Can you represent…
    fanatics of ecological cleanliness and, therefore, to consider that the vinegar is the “magic filter” that removes all sorts of stains and make your home to αστράφει. However, if the vinegar is a super natural cleanser and should not be missing from your cupboards, there are certain points which it is best not to… touch! To find out what it is, you have to do is continue reading.
    Wood floors
    You better knock… on wood than it is to put vinegar on the wooden floor of your home, and that’s because of the vinegar corrodes the varnish applied on it in order to protect it from any damage and, thus, makes it look dull and dirty. To clean it, prefer to dissolve some dishwasher detergent in water and do not neglect to spend with wax. Alternatively, you can clean them using tea.
    Dishwasher and washing machine
    It is a fact that the vinegar helps you past some of the most stubborn stains. But by adding it to the washing program of the washing machine is a (real) risk. And that’s because the vinegar can make the metal parts of your device to shine, however, can be a killer for rubber. If the marks on the clothes and the crockery you require vinegar to disappear, then it is best to wash them by hand.
    Marble countertops
    The acidic composition of the vinegar doesn’t fit at all with natural stones, such as granite, marble, and steatite (σαπωνόλιθος). By applying even vinegar on their surface, these luxurious materials are losing directly to the natural glow. How will you keep clean expensive kitchen counters? The solution, once again, gives the dish detergent-dissolve in water and come in their stalls with this to get rid of every trace of dirt.
    Kitchen knives
    Keep the “acid” vinegar away from the edge… of expensive kitchen knife-especially if those with which you equip your kitchen are made from carbon steel. To keep the wonderful glow, you have to do is continue to wash them with dishwashing liquid and rinse with plenty of water. Finally, every 15 days, make sure to spend with a bit of olive oil to put the brakes on rust.