How can you help the child to sharpen the mind… painting! [video]

The benefits of painting for kids is a lot: in addition to the creative game, they learn to create, combine…
colors and building shapes. However, apart from the classical painting, the one with the one hand, there is one other form of “exercise” that helps children develop their motor skills and practice at the same time the body and mind.
The technique is called Double Doodle Art and basically is the painting with both hands. The child holds a marker in each hand and, starting from center of the page and begins to draw simultaneously with both hands, trying to create a symmetrical image from both sides.
What you’ll need:
Scotch tape
2 markers
How do you do it:

Glue the edges of the paper with scotch tape on the desk to remain stable and not “playing”. Then, the child will begin to paint at the same time with both hands, trying to create a mirror. For example, if you paint with the left hand, starting from the left corner to the center of the paper, then you have to paint the same way and with the right hand, starting from the right-hand corner and continuing toward the center of the page. So both markers have some time to “meet”.

Why is it good for the child:
This technique helps to develop his motor skills, to practice the muscles of his hands and to coordinate the mind and body. Besides, it differs from the classical, free-painting, since the artist has a purpose: to reach up to the middle of the paper, creating a uniform picture.
If you think it’s easy, we dare you to try and you.
See the detailed instructions in the video: