Antonis Loudaros: I have had a very good time in my personal life and I look after my friends every day

“I will give my best in replacing Christos Hatzipanagiotis,” said Antonis Loudaros was currently invited on the set of the show “Go Danai”. The actor, who will replace Christos Hatzipanagiotis in the performance “Dads with rum”, spoke about his life attitude and relationship with his surroundings. “It is a matter of decision where you find optimism and how you read life. I read gray to black life, and at some point I decided not to do it again. I wasn’t having fun. I’ve decided that this will end for me and I’ll see both the life and the people who are in my life and give it to him at ease and try to understand. I don’t ask for much in my life. I’ve had a great time in my personal life and I’ve been watching my friends every day. I think I’m a better friend than a companion. I’m very generous that many times shouldn’t. My motto is “don’t give if they don’t ask you,” because it chokes the other one. When you keep giving, you cover up your own need, not someone else’s. As long as you understand why you are giving,” Antonis Loudaros said initially. Antonis Loudaros then said: “I have love for this thing and for the people of the show. Fortunately there was material, the “path” of Christos who helped me, and reading a lot. When you’re in a positive mood and love, it happens. I realized we’re a family and we support each other and I couldn’t help it. I didn’t contact Christos Hatzipanagiotis after his health problem but I texted him, I keep asking Vicky Stavropoulou, he wants his time to recover to return to summer on his tour. I will give my best, and I do it from my heart for Christos, Vicky, the “Aliki” theatre. I’ll go out tomorrow like I’ve done a lot of rehearsals.” In closing, Antonis Loudaros said: “There comes a series that I will participate in, entitled “The curse of Jelas Delafraga”, which will satirize popular television dramas, the comedy of Reppa – Papathanasiou. We’ve laughed a lot on filming. I’ve completed all 14 episodes. I watch TV, not everything, because it’s resting me. I also like Eurovision and I see shows about it. I want Greece out, I believe Switzerland or Italy will come out.”