He tried to strangle and burn her partner due to jealousy

A great story of passion, brings to light the Daily Mail and shock…
The pathological jealousy of her partner almost to deprive her of life. The reason for the 22-year-old Leann Grantham, which, according to the star.gr, attempted several times to strangle and burn (!) the 35-year-old partner and mother of four children, Haley Χίνμαν, in the area Λίνκολνσάιρ of Great Britain. Yes, you read that right!
Let’s take things from the beginning. It all started when the 35-year-old began to send messages from your mobile to a friend, which watch the kids while she and her partner were out partying in a bar in the area.
Then, Leann has accused Haley of cheating and launched an unbelievable fight between them!
Haley, as reported by the star.en, ran from the bar at a friend’s house to pick up the children, however, he found the house empty and decided to wait in the back yard. A few minutes later, he showed up Leann, which kicked in the door of the garden and chased her partner, who took refuge in an outhouse.
He grabbed the 35-year-old by the neck, trying to strangle her at least ten times! The horror, however, does not stop here! Then, the “sick” Very, used a lighter to set fire to the doormat of the toilet and closed the door behind her, saying to Haley, “to burn”.
The mother asked the 22-year-old to the left, and Leann agreed, and opened the door. However then attempted to strangle her again!
Eventually, Haley managed to escape from her hands, screaming for help. Was taken to the hospital with serious injuries and bruises on the neck and face.
Two days later, arrested her partner, who was sentenced to 12 months imprisonment for causing bodily harm and arson.