This man claims he can cure everything, even Cancer and HIV – Did you finally manage to really? [video]

Dr. Sebi from Honduras, who uses herbs in the treatment of…
patients, claims for years that has discovered a cure for all diseases.
The allegations include some of the most well-known deadly and “incurable” diseases, such as stroke, diabetes, arthritis, cancer, HIV/AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases, and even sickle cell anemia.
It is remarkable that the career and the claims of the exposed publicly to the court in 1988 from the Attorney General of New York. Even more interesting though is the fact that the court has made a decision in favour of the doctor. In particular, the public Prosecutor of New York is suing to dr. Sebi in 1988 because advertising in printed media that could cure any disease.
At the trial the botanist had to present evidence from at least 1 cured patient for each 1 of the 10 serious diseases, which reported that he was able to heal. Believe it or not, the court, with surprise heard the testimonies of 70 patients who were cured by this doctor. The judge not only dismissed the case, but ruled in favor of the doctor.
Herbal treatment
The treatments of this doctor based on the advantages of herbs in curing diseases. Hippocrates, the father of Medicine, also stressed the power of herbs in the treatment of various diseases.
According to dr. Sebi, the inspiration for finding the “therapy” comes from the Bible, as she believes that any disease from which it suffers a human being can be cured by natural means. Before you create the natural treatments with herbs, healed himself from diabetes and obesity from a Mexican indian doctor who operated on the same principles. After that, dr. Sebi has used the power of herbs to cure various diseases.
Over time he managed to cure everything from HIV and AIDS in simple situations such as generalized weakness. One of the most noteworthy cases was in 1993, when dr. Sebi revealed an affidavit that stated that has cured a patient suffering from HIV in just 2 months.
Dr. Sebi uses natural alkaline herbs in combination with a specially designed vegetarian diet, which calls it “electric food”. In addition, he claims that inflammation is the cause of all the diseases and dietary solutions proposed aim in addressing it.
The basic electrical foods include greens, pastries without starch, and mushrooms.
Today, dr. Sebi, he has thousands of patients around the world who claim that they have benefited from the natural herbal methods. Some of them are popular American artists like Lisa Lopes.
Dr. Sebi in the little village where he resides, and which is located in the middle of nature helped Lisa Lopes to deal with severe alcoholism, smoking, and the stress and pressure in your personal and professional life.
The treatment consisted of 40 days of fasting and special herbal treatment in this beautiful place. After successful treatment, Lisa played a key role in the dissemination of the name of dr. Sebi at the general public. It is also said that Steven Seagal was one of the numerous patients of this well-known botanist.