They spend the day the Jihadists: The photos posted and show… [photos]

The publicity gave the jihadists, photos, which show…
about their daily business. Fishing, construction and military training. Did not show images of beheadings and pillaging, of course.
The images claimed to have been released by people of ISIS. The international Press calls the particular “service” army of Media of the jihadists, who want to show the Western world that spends 24 hours on the Islamic State.
It is no coincidence that selected images from an almost normal life, in order to attract people who would like to live like this.

Failed, of course, to show the true face of the life of a τζιχαντιστή of the islamic state that βιοπραγεί, murdering and rampaging.

Fishing is one of the favorite activities, as they say. Either by snorkeling or with a reed in the Euphrates river, the jihadists find their food, which they prepare with impromptu barbecue.

Beyond the fishing and the cooking, in the publicity given to and the photos from the training centres. In battle conditions in order to be ready to fight for the Islamic State.