Napoli – Atalanta 0-3: He took large “double” and remained in “wheels” Champions League

She passed with the impressive 3-0 from her seat and thus increased the between her by the “partenopei”, taking an important step to win a European “gift”, staying in a… Champions League track. A major victory, in her effort for a European “gift”, was celebrated by Atalanta who passed 3–0 from the Napoli headquarters, in the match with which “the curtain” of the 30th race in Serie A was opened. With this “third” and given that it is almost certain that Italy will also have a fifth team in the new Champions League, the “water” from Bergamo approached -1 from the fifth of the score- Roma, while the “surrenders” see the exit in Europe… moving away. Atalanta opened the score in 26’ with Miradsook and made 0-2 at the end of the first 45 minutes with Skamaka. At 88′ Kupminers – after an excellent Rugeri pass – he played well and made the final 3-0. It is worth noting that Napoli footballers kneeled before the start of the showdown, wanting to send a message against racism, but also to show their support for their Brazilian teammate, Juan Zesus who denounced that he received racist insults from Francesco Atserby, in the previous match with Inter.