Haris Duke: “They brutally falsified the truth” – The announcement of “the cop thief”

‘ On the back of Athens, with editing and slander, she attempts her far-right block to halt electoral leaks to her right,” says Harry Duke in a written statement. “In a coordinated operation, a former minister, a current minister, with the undivided assistance of government trolls and the union leadership of police officers, brutally falsified the truth” the Harry Duke points out about the incident in the city council with “shoots” towards the New Democracy. “From a 9-hour town council meeting that decided and launched major projects, such as the Double Redevelopment, they cut and sewed phrases as it suited them. They cannot yet accept their election defeat in the Municipality of Athens, they cannot accept that Athens progresses quickly and boldly to the next day” Harry Duke points out. And he concludes: “Our great poet Dionysius Solomon, said “National is Truth”. No matter how many people walk along with lies and perversions, we will not allow the truth to be “inflamed.” We’re not intimidated by the attacks. We continue…”. Earlier, she had made an End, the New Left, in her own announcement on the subject, says that “the vulgar attack on Harry Duke will fall into emptiness.” In its communication it argues: “Since the first day of taking office the mayor of Athens Harry Duke has been in the government’s eye. Last episode on this show is the cutting edge of its placement during a city council. It appears that the editing technique emerges as a key tool of the obvious and underground mechanisms of the Right. They abort”.