For hard rock is being prepared by ND: The Mitsotakis response to the climate of polarization and toxicity

“Red” strikes polarization and while there are nearly months left until the European elections by accusing it of toxicity. For… hard rock is prepared the government, mainly with SYRIZA, who has escalated the attacks on the Prime Minister for the tragedy of the Tempes, but also personally against his wife Mareva Mitsotakis, through the suspension of MP Helena Akritita, who was also supported by Stefanos Kasselakis. “They insist on sinking the place into an atmosphere of toxicity and unnecessary intensity. I am surprised, exactly as I said before the elections in 2023. And it seems that some did not learn from the election result, because the citizens rewarded the party that said “no” to toxicity and “yes” to the works and punished those who insisted on that logic,” said Kyriakos Mitsotakis from Kalavryta, stating that… “the same will happen in the European elections.” “How do we send someone to prison, for good. “To go to jail” or “to go to Mitsotakis”, because that is what our opponents tell us. Nothing else, nothing different… And I ask you to send a political message to the European elections that are coming: that this government is a strong, stable government, with popular legitimacy, which must be able to continue its work seamlessly, as the Greek people chose, after all, in the June 2023 elections,” Kyriakos Mitsotakis added, indirectly responding to Syriza calling for a double election on 9 June. The stake of the Euro-calyptus for South-South Europe With tours around Greece, which will escalate after Easter, the Prime Minister seeks to get in touch with as many citizens as possible and in a different direction from his political opponents, to communicate the Euro-calyptus issue, concentrated on the phrase “who can best represent Greece in Europe at an extremely difficult time”. At the same time Kyriakos Mitsotakis focuses on the government’s work during its five-year term and on what it achieved, from the economy and national issues, to the migration, highlighting the challenges facing the country. The… gllitsa and the… rally Taking yesterday, to the Kalavryton Cooperative, gift from the farmers a gllitsa, Kyriakos Mitsotakis highlighted the second main goal of the NW in the face of the European elections. “It is to ensure the maximum rally in the election,” he said, showing that he will use the gluck hook to restrain anyone who wants to leave the “blue” corral. The mobilisation of the world of the ND is what is needed, with Kyriakos Mitsotakis in contact with the citizens calling on them to say “no” to the loose vote and to face the eurocalp such as the national, highlighting the N.D. the strong force in the political scene. The message of the 15th Conference of the ND High emphasis is placed by the ND and its conference to be held from April 5 to 7 at the Zappeion Palace and which will have an anniversary character, as the N.D. will celebrate at the same time the 50 years since the restoration of the Republic in Greece and the 50 years since Constantine Karamanlis founded the party. With the presence of former Presidents and Prime Ministers, historical officials and the “blue” officials of today, the aim is to broadcast a message of unity and mobilize the world of the N.D. for the June 9 election. In the NW they stand by the fact that both Kostas Karamanlis and Antonis Samaras will be present at the anniversary event, and commenting on their decision not to hold a speech, Piraeus officials noted that this choice is their right. “On Friday, the entire ND will be present at the great celebration” they pointed out with emphasis. European officials will be present at the anniversary conference, including the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leien, and the President of the European People’s Party (E.L.C.) Manfred Weber.