SYRIZA: The Kasselakis message for rallying and twisting

Particularly optimistic about the election result he will bring to the European elections appeared last night (02’04.2024) speaking of total overthrow and a clear message. “I want us to be definitely above the result of the last election. If we had 23% difference in the previous election, if we’re suddenly within breath, it’s a twist. It means that in the next parliamentary elections it will be in a completely different climate,” he said features stressing that there is a new path of progressive governance. Referring to the modern left, the president of SYRIZA pointed out that what he wants is on 9 June that the party is standing up and that he has managed to rally his forces. Once again he called for elections because as he said there is the new data with the “coverup and editing” in Tempes. “In order not to let the Prime Minister say to me in his office that all of this was judged on the 41% balance, for the good of the Greek people we are going to re-weigh,” he said. Stefanos Kasselakis strongly insisted on the issue of Tempes showing in his way that with this hard line he will reach the end. “Mr. Mitsotakis covers up Kostas Karamanlis and admits that if the government goes to prison the government collapses,” Stefanos Kasselakis stressed and responded to the government’s claims, stressing that the capitulation of the national tragedy occurs when you cover up the responsible minister. Referring to the indictment he said that “we will testify if Mr Mitsotakis commits that he will not pardon Kostas Karamanlis.” “SYRIZA becomes government will abolish minister responsibility law” The leader of the main opposition, however, pledged that “when Syriza becomes a government he will abolish the law on the responsibility of ministers. Capitalization occurs when you cover up the responsible minister,” he said. As regards the loan he gave to the party media of Syriza, but also the transfer of his shares due to possible incompatibility, the President of Syriza pledged that before the European elections he would present his statement of property. “I think you know me very well. From the first moment I presented myself, I told you exactly who I am,” he said and added: “We are not all born children of prime ministers. There are people who have stamps on the market. In addition to the Prime Minister who was literally born to rule, the Minister of Finance from his studies became a direct MP. He has never attempted in his life and currently runs the country’s developmental environment. What we certainly don’t know is the foot of the Mitsotakis family and the southwestern wing. The ND has made the best debt regulation in history, debt increases every year forever. How are South West social media paid for? How is Mr Greenberg paid?” he stressed. He also insisted on international observers for the elections, asking the Prime Minister to guarantee that no more elements of Greek citizens have been leaked. However, he made it clear that he does not question the result of 2023, while for the June polls he said that “I have no intention of denying the result and I am not afraid of it, too, I think we are doing very well.”